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Welcome to the TheoChem Cluster

The cluster consist of different compute node

  • 10 Standard Nodes (node01 to node10)
    • 2 CPUs (18 Cores each/36 Threads per CPU)
    • 1 TB Disk
    • 256 GB ram

Disk space and management

  • The drive /home contain 500 Gb of space of which 10 GB is assigned to each user.
  • The drive /data contain 36 TB of space of which 1 TB is assigned to each user.

The /home drive is intended for location of important files, scripts, and own programs for development. The /data drive is intended for all data files.
It is recommended that you check your disk quota (with the 'quota' command) before submitting any job to make sure that the output fits.
You should also regularly check the available disk space with the 'df -h' command to check that the disk systems are not full.

Make sure you backup important data from /home and /data on a regular basis. We do have redundancy, but we don't make backups.

Full disks result in crashing jobs.

When you clean up your directories, you may find the 'du -sh' command as it lets you find out how much space you have in a particular folder specified.